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You Can Become A Private Investigator!

There are opportunities for private investigators in every state, this book will give you some insight in the field and then just search online for your states Private Investigators Board for license information.

If you have ever wondered if you could become a Private Investigator or If you are a Private Investigator, client of a Private Investigator or an Attorney who deals with Private Investigators , this book is a must read! This book was written by Licensed Investigators with years of experience in Private Investigations as well as training Investigators. The book is designed to guide the Investigator through legal , moral and ethical dilemmas while teaching methods and techniques that will be useful in the field. This book will also help the client to understand what to expect from a Private Investigator and what his or her limitations are. If you are looking at becoming a licensed Private investigator or even if you are already licensed this book will give you some in-depth knowledge of Alabama Laws that affect the Private Investigators in Alabama and is still a great read for Private Investigators in any other states. In most States the laws will be very similar and this book may even prevent a sticky situation from developing by pointing out laws that may become a factor. Although we had help putting this book together from a man whom I consider one of the best Attorneys I have ever dealt with, the sections of the book that refers to laws is not written to be used as legal advise but rather a trigger to let the Investigator know when he or she is walking into a situation that may warrant seeking legal advice before advancing.  There are also some real case examples and scenarios to help the reader understand the day to day thought process in the field.

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Our goal is to first offer the latest in ready made solutions and secondly to help with custom creations to fit in where adequate solutions are not readily available without modification. Find us under search terms such as Spy Gear in Birmingham Alabama , hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices in Birmingham Alabama, personal protection or Birmingham Alabama Private investigators.


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