The BBSCoffeePot is a fully working personal coffee pot that blends in with any kitchen but also contains a hidden camera. It is a great choice whether you're keeping watch on your child's nanny, someone coming in to work on your home, or adding a bit more home security while you're away. You and your spouse want to go on a date night, but you are nervous about leaving the kids with a babysitter. You worry if the babysitter is feeding the kids the right foods, playing with the kids nicely, putting the kids to bed on time, and any other number of things. This coffee pot will fit perfectly in the most highly trafficked room of your home - the kitchen. It records high-quality 1920x1080 video. Either record continuously or use the motion detection setting.

BBSCoffeePot: Bush Baby Coffee Pot with Hidden Camera - Free 16GB MicroSD Card!

SKU: BBSCoffeePot
    • Motion Detection
    • Functioning coffee pot
    • Sealed back helps hide camera components even when coffee pot is in use